Red Dry Wine Gamza

This wine has a very beautiful, sparkling red colour. Its flavour is soft, pleasant, and lightly flowery with some hyacinth nuances, happily combined with raspberry.


Rose Dry Wine Gamza & Syrah

This wine is obtained from the fermentation of specially selected grapes and has a specific delicate colourq elegant aromas of red fruits and an impessive fine taste. The finale has sheer lightness and freshness. It is appropriate for light dishes, cheeses and other delicacies.


White Dry Wine Vrachanski Misket

This wine is produced from the selected grapes of this genuine sort which grows in the traditional region of Barkachevo village, district Vratsa. It contains attractive floral aromas such as rose and geranium. With its spicy freshness and dryness it is appropriate for sea salads, oysters’ meals, white cheeses and lasagna.


White Dry Wine Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay

This wine has a superb bouquet of aromas and gentle maturityq while his unique nature stimulates him to show its silky smooth and long finish for long. It is served lightly chilled


Red Dry Wine Caberner Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc

This wine has a deep flavour and juicy taste. Wine is diverse with an exquise force and yet fresh and elegant. It is appropriate for different cheeses, poultry or game