Red Dry Wine Merlot

This dry red wine is produced from the classic grape variety Merlot. Exhibits excellent merlot aromas, pleasant, fresh and harmonious taste. Particularly suited to meat dishes.


Red Dry Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

Its colour is dense and intensive. Attractive, very pleasant and rich up-front fruit, with well distinguished berry nuances, discretely combined with hunts of oak.


Red Dry Wine Syrah & Cabernet Franc

This wine combines the strength of Soutern sun and elegant freshness of these exclusive, rare grape varieties. With ruby colour and a motley palette of aromas of red and black fruits, vanilla and spices,firm, but still subtle, having a long lasting aftertaste of black cherry, it would be an ideal addition to a variety of meat dishes and aromatic cheeses.


Red Dry Wine Gamza

This wine has a very beautiful, sparkling red colour. Its flavour is soft, pleasant, and lightly flowery with some hyacinth nuances, happily combined with raspberry


White Dry Wine Chardonnay

This Chardonnay offers exceptional variety character and a rich aroma of tropical fruits, complemented by the flavours of ripe apple and vanilla. It is served lightly chilled with seafood, poultry or pasta dishes.


Dry White Wine Pinot Gris

Wine of fresh flavor, good acid balance, with copper – pink, good density and fruity aroma. Excellent as an aperitif, combined with a salad of seafood and fish dishes.