The Magura winery was established in 1967 in the village of Rabisha, Vidin district, in the North-western part of Bulgaria. The location is known as one of the mysterious and most picturesque areas of Bulgaria enclosed between the Danube and the reddish sand cliffs of the town of Belogradchick with the nearby unique Magura cave, considered to be a nature wonder. The idea behind the setting up of the winery came about to fulfil the increasing demand of the home and international market for high quality wines and champagne. The so called Bat gallery in the Magura cave, has been utilised for decades for specially selected wines to mature in natural conditions. 

The Rabisha region boasts soil and favourable growing conditions of grapes similar to those of the Champaine Region in France. It is, therefore, no wonder that the best natural sparkling wine in Bulgaria is produced here following the classical technology. The wine is stored and gradually matures deep underground in the Magura Cave. The constant temperature of 12-C, the darkness and air humidity in the depths of the Bat Gallery create the best conditions for the natural fermentation and sparkling of the sparkling wine.

The traditional bottling technology and the three year maturation period allow the grape juice to ferment and turn into fine sparkling wine with unique flavor. In addition to the natural sparkling wine, the Magura Winery produces high quality red and white wines, and grape brandies (rakias). The region of Rabisha can claim the environmental conditions, especially the soil and climate in which the grapes are grown to give the red and white wines the Terrior, the unique favour and aroma.

In 2008 the winery started growing its own vines in vineyards near the villages of Rayanovtsi and Rabisha including those of the Pinot Gris, Vratchanski Miskette, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gamza. For its wine production in addition to its own grape produce, the winery buys grapes from the reserved region in the town of Harmanli.

The wines are produced with the least technological intervention and bear the district flavour and aroma of the region. The Winery is equipped with the wine industry's cutting-edge equipment in compliance with all European standards. The wine matures in high quality French, Bulgarian and American oak barrels, Italian wooden … which are essential in the whole process of wine production. 

The numerous prizes received at national and international wine fairs and competitions bear witness to the exquisite taste of the wines we produce.